Zack Matheny

 Priorities Matter. 

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As a city council member, I chaired the Public Safety Task Force.  With the highest homicides and violent crimes in 2020,  we need to continue to make sure our Police & Fire departments have the necessary tools and funding to provide Greensboro with the best protection and service

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As a member of the city council, I chaired the Economic Development Committee.  In that committee, we created numerous programs, including: the shovel ready site program, and an "invest, incent, & implement '' 80 for 8 program, which increased incentive opportunities for development. We need to continue to think out of the box to attract new businesses to our great community.


During the 7.5 years I served on City Council, I played an integral role with regard to the City budget. Even in unprecedented economic times, the City avoided tax increases during the seven budget cycles I was a part of. We were able to achieve this with little to no impact on those key City services benefitting Greensboro citizens.