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Zack Matheny

 Family Matters. 

The world has seen many changes the last few years, and my family has as well.  

My decision to run for the District 3 City Council seat is not just my own, it is with my family's blessing, including my children, Cam, William, and Lily Grace, as well as my mother, who moved to Greensboro two years ago, just 200 yards away. 

I am a lucky man because of my family.

I was born and raised in Statesville, N.C. to a schoolteacher mother and a father who worked for the State. Together with my two brothers, we are a close-knit family.

While working three jobs at a time to pay my tuition at NC State University, I graduated with a degree in textile management and found myself happily employed at the White Oak Plant of Cone Mills in Greensboro. A lot of hard work later, I became the manager of the Los Angeles office. Let me tell you, California is a long way from home. I missed my family and the wonderful seasons of my home state, so in late 1999, I moved back to Greensboro to start fresh. This was by far, the best decision of my life.


I first met Lauran on January 15, 2008. Quickly, Lauran and I, along with her son, Cam, became inseparable. We married on December 19, 2009 and welcomed two beautiful children together, William (10) and Lily Grace (8). Sadness came April 8, 2020, when I lost the love of my life after a strong and tremendous battle with pancreatic cancer. Cam, William, and Lily teach me every day what the definition of family is and each day, we honor their mother.

Family matters.

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