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Zack Matheny

 Experience Matters. 

The city of Greensboro accepted and “adopted” me in the early 2000s when I moved back from Los Angeles, CA.  I purchased my first home in the Kirkwood neighborhood located in District 3.  Soon after, I wanted to get to know the city I was calling home so I began volunteering at many different organizations throughout Greensboro.  Through these various positions, I was blessed to create friendships that have shaped my life and now my kids’ lives.  Together with my late wife, Lauran, we enjoyed making a positive impact in the lives of so many others. 

In 2005, I was appointed to the Zoning Commission where I was able to work closely with city staff and the community. In 2007, I ran and won my first election representing District 3 and quickly realized how challenging it can be to represent the interest of so many constituents.  You can compare this experience to the maturation of life – as you age and mature, whether personally or professionally, the more time you have, the more you understand how things really work.  Over my four terms as District 3 Councilman, we were able to provide numerous positive impacts for the greater community including public safety initiatives and economic development, all while keeping a level tax rate.  In June 2015, I retired from the City Council for a professional growth opportunity. 

Since July 2015, I have had the extreme pleasure – and I mean that –  to become President of Downtown Greensboro, Inc. Since taking the position, Downtown Greensboro has experienced tremendous growth with over $500 million in development, including numerous new restaurants and shops, as well as new residential and commercial development.  Community branding, public art, and innovative programming have aided to increase pedestrian activity in the center city. We continue to see growth and prosperity in Downtown even during the challenges of this pandemic, and I will continue to run the organization and the wonderful team I have put together to help. Professionally, my work in Greensboro has lead to numerous accomplishments, including being named a “Triad Power Player” numerous times, being elected to the International Downtown Association Board, and the incoming Chair of the NC Downtown Developers Board.


My experience managing the economic and social development of the center city gives me a special skillset and clear understanding of what it takes to do the job that the entire city of Greensboro needs today.  Since my last tenure in office, I have further developed these skillsets that fit within the needs of our entire community.  I understand the time commitment of holding office, and I understand how important this city is to my family  – which is one reason I want to do everything in my power to provide the best community not just for my family, but for all families in the Triad. 


I’m running because I want Greensboro to not only see but fulfill its potential. With the highest number of recorded homicides and violent crimes in 2020, our families deserve so much more... safety, new job growth, a Greensboro that will thrive well into the future. I have lived in this district for 21 years and I look forward to representing all members of this community. Politics is not something I ever saw myself doing, however, the ability to represent people and help them is something I hold very dear to my heart.

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